All About Ahsoka's White Lightsabers
The white lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano have gained widespread popularity, with their unique blade color and extensive screen time drawing the attention of fans everywhere. Ahsoka’s white lightsabers are the perfect representation of her character, with their distinctive blade color denoting her status as a former member of the Jedi Order. In addition to their uniqueness, the lightsabers boast an extensive backstory worthy of Ahsoka’s complex story arc.

Original Lightsabers

Growing up in the Jedi Order, Ahsoka Tano constructs her original pair of lightsabers while a youngling and Padawan before and during the Clone Wars.

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However, after losing faith in the Jedi Order, she leaves it and her original lightsabers behind. Ahsoka eventually receives them back from Anakin Skywalker during the Siege of Mandalore, only to leave them behind again when the Great Jedi Purge occurs. After the fall of the Jedi Order, Ahsoka goes into hiding on the planet Thabeska, working as a mechanic. She eventually flees to the remote moon Raada.

New Lightsabers

During her time on Raada, Ahsoka begins collecting a variety of mechanical bits and pieces. Eventually, she is contacted by agents of Senator Bail Organa seeking to recruit her for their rebellion.

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After joining Organa, she decides to build new lightsabers. Ahsoka travels to Ilum, intending to collect new kyber crystals. However, the Galactic Empire’s operations on the planet prevent her from doing so. After meditating into the Force about where she might find new kyber crystals, Ahsoka decides to return to Raada. There, she confronts the Sixth Brother, an Imperial Inquisitor who had forced the local resistance into hiding. Ahsoka defeats the Inquisitor with ease, and then takes the two red kyber crystals in his lightsaber. She then purifies them back to the light side of the Force, making them white. Afterwards, Ahsoka assembles two new lightsabers using the components she had collected, incorporating the specialized crystal mountings from the Inquisitor’s lightsaber. Like her original pair, Ahsoka creates a primary lightsaber and a shoto lightsaber. However, unlike her original pair, these two new hilts are curved. Once her new white lightsabers are complete, Ahsoka leaps back into action, using them to aid in the evacuation of Raada.

As Fulcrum

After constructing her new lightsabers, Ahsoka meets with Bail Organa and agrees to take up the position of Fulcrum, in order to improve communication within the rebellion.

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During the years that follow, Ahsoka makes use of her white lightsabers. After meeting the rebel group known as the Spectres, she uses them to train one of its members, Ezra Bridger. She then uses her lightsabers on several missions with the group, such as during one to rescue a contact, and on another one to rescue other Force users from the Galactic Empire. During the latter mission, Ahsoka easily defeats the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, both Imperial Inquisitors. Sometime later, Ahsoka visits the Lothal Jedi Temple with Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, where she experiences a vision of Anakin that alludes to his becoming Darth Vader. Refusing to accept this, Ahsoka lashes out with her primary lightsaber, and is subsequently left alone to ponder this revelation.

Mission to Malachor

On the advice of Yoda, Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan travel to the planet Malachor, in order to learn more about how to defeat the Sith.

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There, they encounter the Eight Brother, an Imperial Inquisitor searching for Maul, who Ahsoka last saw during the Great Jedi Purge, and who was stranded in the ruins of the Malachor Sith Temple. After the Eight Brother summons several other Inquisitors, Ahsoka and Kanan reluctantly join forces with Maul in order to fend them off. After defeating them, Maul turns on the Jedi, however Ahsoka leaves Kanan to deal with him, as she senses the approach of Darth Vader.

Duel With Vader

Darth Vader arrives on Malachor and begins dueling with Ezra Bridger. Vader easily gains the upper hand, but Ahsoka intervenes.

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Ahsoka engages Vader in a fierce lightsaber duel, however Vader soon gains the upper hand by knocking her off the top of the temple. The Sith then returns to deal with the other two Jedi, but Ahsoka is able to recover and ambushes him from behind. The two continue their duel while Ezra and Kanan make their escape. However, Ahsoka is soon able to confirm that Vader is indeed her former Jedi Master, and decides to stay rather than escape with them. While the temple crumbles around them, Ahsoka and Vader duel with their lightsabers. Ahsoka is soon forced back and begins to lose her ground. However, a portal appears and Ezra reaches out, pulling Ahsoka into a timeless Force realm just before the temple’s explosion.

The World Between Worlds

As it would turn out, Ezra had been able to, years later, enter a portal into the timeless World Between Worlds from the Lothal Jedi Temple.

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There, he finds a portal where he sees Ahsoka continuing to duel with Vader, and decides to intervene to save her. After spending some time in the World Between Worlds, Ahsoka and Ezra are forced to retreat from the Emperor, with Ahsoka using her lightsabers to fend off his fiery energy. Ahsoka and Ezra then go their own ways through the separate portals that they had come from. Back on Malachor, Ahsoka heads beneath the ruins of the Sith Temple, where she embarks on a spiritual journey that changes the course of her life. After leaving the planet, and years later, Ahsoka continues wielding her white lightsabers. She eventually arrives on Lothal to pick up Spectre Sabine Wren so they can search for Ezra, who had vanished into hyperspace with Grand Admiral Thrawn years before.

Searching for the Grand Admiral

In an attempt to find Ezra, Ahsoka searches the galaxy for Grand Admiral Thrawn. During the search, she continues to use her white lightsabers.

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After learning that Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth was affiliated with the Grand Admiral, Ahsoka travels to the planet Corvus. There, she opposes Elsbeth’s rule over the city Calodan, using her lightsabers to defeat Elsbeth’s scout guards. While on Corvus, Ahsoka meets the Mandalorian Din Djarin and his companion Grogu. Joining forces with them, Ahsoka manages to infiltrate Elsbeth’s sanctuary. Ahsoka and Elsbeth then duel, with the former wielding her lightsabers once more. After winning the duel, Ahsoka questions Elsbeth regarding the whereabouts of Thrawn. In defeating her, Ahsoka also ends Elsbeth’s rule over Calodan, setting its villagers free. Ahsoka then parts ways with Din Djarin and Grogu. Later on, she takes a detour from her original mission and visits Luke Skywalker on Ossus, where he is building a temple to train new Jedi. There, she meets with Din Djarin and Grogu again briefly. Ahsoka observes the latter’s training, before bidding Luke farewell to continue her mission.

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