DynamicSabers is on vacation

From April 18th onwards, we are not taking any orders, and have temporarily disabled our checkout. All orders placed prior to this date will be processed and shipped as normal. We are enjoying a much needed rest period of 6 to 8 weeks, and will return likely sometime in June. Thank you for your understanding, and please patiently await our return.

Our customer service email will still be responding to inquiries, although with reduced hours and extended response times. We will get back to any emails we receive within 1-2 business days instead of our usual 24 hour response time. This is because most of our team will be on vacation, so with less available people the response time will be longer.

In addition we will only be able to reply to emails Monday through Thursday, rather than Monday through Friday. Emails sent late on a Thursday, or on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, will be replied to on the soonest Monday during the business week. This reduced work week is also due to the fact that most of our team will be on vacation, and with less available people we will be unable to give support for the entire work week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your Lightsaber Awaits

Up to 50% off. Limited time only.


Duel ready

Our durable blades are ready for any dueling scenario.

Sound effects

Our lightsabers come with realistic sound effects.

Color changing

12 different blade colors at the press of a button.

Smooth swing

Realistic noises synchronized with movements.

Flash on clash

Blades flash and make a sound when hitting each other.

Aluminum alloy

Our hilts are made out of material built to last.

Free Shipping

We ship to the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.



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Obi-Wan EP1Obi-Wan EP1
Obi-Wan EP1
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Vader V2Vader V2
Vader V2
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Anakin V2Anakin V2
Anakin V2
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