All About Luke's Lightsaber
As the lightsaber of one of the most important characters in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber has gained enormous popularity among fans everywhere. Luke creates his own lightsaber after losing possession of his father’s lightsaber, which he had used previously. The lightsaber’s unique hilt design and green blade makes it a truly intriguing saber, with a backstory that is just as interesting.


After losing his father’s lightsaber on Bespin, Luke begins constructing a new one. Although Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda had told him very little about how to use the Force to build a lightsaber, Luke reaches out with his mind and is able to find the pieces he needs.

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He is able to purchase some parts easily, while others prove to be much harder to acquire. Despite this, he is still able to create the saber. Luke’s lightsaber contains a kyber crystal and emits a green blade. He takes inspiration from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber, although he simplifies some of its elements.

Mission to the Outer Rim

During a mission aboard an Imperial refining platform, Luke uses his lightsaber to defeat several security droids, clearing a path for Rebel forces to acquire fuel. His Rebel companions become awed by him as a result. Unknown to Luke, however, the Emperor tries to interfere by using Force tricks from afar, which causes him to briefly ignite his lightsaber. However, he breaks free of the Emperor’s tricks and aids the Rebels in escaping.

Rescue of Han Solo

Luke hides his lightsaber inside R2-D2’s dome during his mission to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.

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Luke is taken in by Jabba and his guards, however he is more than prepared for this scenario. He gives a signal to R2-D2, and the droid returns the lightsaber to Luke. After retrieving it, he then uses the lightsaber to defeat Boba Fett. Luke and his friends then successfully escape.

Battle of Endor

During the Battle of Endor, Luke uses his lightsaber to defend himself from a scout trooper on a speeder bike. He then allows himself to be taken in by Imperial troops, and his lightsaber is confiscated by them.

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After seeing his new lightsaber, Darth Vader remarks that Luke’s skills are complete. Vader eventually gives the lightsaber to the Emperor. After Luke successfully retakes his lightsaber, he and Vader begin to duel. Finally overcoming Vader, Luke defiantly declares to the Emperor that he is a Jedi. Vader then defends Luke from the Emperor and defeats him.

Investigating Pillio

Sometime after the Battle of Endor, Luke uses his lightsaber while investigating the planet Pillio. He uses it to help defend Del Meeko as they proceed to the Emperor's Observatory. After Luke retrieves a compass, the two part ways.

Research Base on Vetine

Luke uses his lightsaber during a mission to an Imperial research base on the planet Vetine, in order to retrieve the last remaining fragments of a Force-sensitive tree. Luke gives his lightsaber to R2-D2 to hide as they enter the base. He then uses it to hold off Imperial forces while Shara Bey retrieves the tree fragments.

Training Leia

Sometime after Leia’s wedding with Han Solo, Luke offers to train her as his first apprentice. One night on Ajan Kloss, Luke uses his lightsaber while training with her in the moon's forests. However, after she senses misfortune at the end of her Jedi path, Leia stops her training and gives her lightsaber to Luke.

Rescuing and Training Grogu

Luke uses his lightsaber to defeat numerous dark troopers aboard Moff Gideon's light cruiser, so that he can rescue Grogu and train him in the ways of the Force.

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While training Grogu on Ossus, where the early stages of his Jedi Temple are being constructed, Luke uses his lightsaber to train with it while Grogu learns how to balance on a log. However, Grogu is eventually reunited with Din Djarin, leaving Luke.

Into Exile

After Kylo Ren becomes Snoke’s apprentice and Luke’s Jedi Temple is no more, he goes into exile on the planet Ahch-To, taking his lightsaber with him. Luke lives secluded in a hut until being found by Rey. After he becomes one with the Force during the Battle of Crait, the native caretakers on Ahch-To store Luke’s lightsaber in a repository.

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