All About Kanan Jarrus' Lightsaber
The lightsaber wielded by the Jedi Kanan Jarrus was popularized in the Rebels TV show, gaining the attention of fans of the series everywhere. Kanan Jarrus (previously known as Caleb Dume) was formerly a Jedi Padawan, until the fall of the Jedi Order during the Great Jedi Purge. Afterwards, he is forced into hiding, giving up his Jedi ways for a time, and eventually joins up with the rebel operative Hera Syndulla and her team. The Rebels TV show follows the adventures of Jarrus and his team, which eventually comes to include Ezra Bridger, a Force wielder who becomes Jarrus’ apprentice. Throughout the series, Jarrus wields his lightsaber extensively, using it to defend himself and his friends. As a result, the lightsaber boasts an extensive history full of adventure.


Kanan Jarrus, then known as Caleb Dume, builds his lightsaber while he is a Jedi Padawan studying under the guidance of Jedi Master Depa Billaba.

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After its completion, the lightsaber draws a keen interest from Billaba and Huyang, the architect droid. The lightsaber utilizes a blue blade and has a special feature where the blade length can be adjusted using its controls. It also has a low-power setting that can be used while practicing with it, which also causes the blade to emit a different shade of blue.

Early Usage

Caleb Dume uses his lightsaber extensively while training under Depa Billaba. For his first mission, Dume is sent to Kardoa, where he and Billaba rendezvous with their newly assigned battalion of clone troopers.

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Dume and Billaba conduct simple reconnaissance on the planet to determine if reports of Separatist presence are accurate. However, they are observed by a probe droid, forcing them to engage the Separatist Droid Army. However, rather than retreating, Dume goes too far out, forcing a clone trooper to go and retrieve him. Dume and Billaba then manage to depart with their forces. Next, they are sent to Mygeeto, where they engage Separatist forces under the command of General Grievous and Colonel Coburn Sear. Using his lightsaber, Dume is able to defeat Sear, and Grievous and his forces then retreat. Dume and Billaba then join up with Republic forces on Kaller, where they claim victory against Separatist forces led by General Kleeve on the last day of the Clone Wars. Afterwards, Dume and Billaba train with their lightsabers, with the latter giving her apprentice a holocron. However, General Grievous eventually orders his remaining forces to launch an offensive across multiple star systems, leading Kaller to be besieged again.

Jedi Purge

Following Grievous’ renewed offensive, Dume is sent by Billaba to find reinforcements to aid them. He finds the clone commandos of Clone Force 99 and then rejoins Billaba.

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The commandos take on and defeat the Separatist forces, and Billaba orders a counterattack soon after. Dume is allowed to advance ahead of the main force, alongside Clone Force 99. However, moments later, Darth Sidious begins the Great Jedi Purge, ordering the clone troopers to turn on the Jedi. Billaba, surrounded by clone troopers, tells Dume to run. Dume manages to flee, but runs into Clone Force 99. Not knowing that they are unaffected by Sidious’ orders, he runs away from them. Hunter, a clone commando, finds Dume and attempts to talk to him, with the Jedi igniting his lightsaber when confronted. However, Dume eventually manages to flee, and spends the next several days evading clone troopers.

In Hiding

Dume is eventually aided by Janus Kasmir, who gives him food and a place to sleep on his ship, the Kasmiri. Dume keeps his lightsaber hidden aboard the ship, so he cannot be identified as a Jedi. Dume and Kasmir pull off many jobs, with Dume learning how to survive in the galaxy, and ultimately becoming friends with Kasmir. Eventually, however, the two part ways, with Dume taking his lightsaber and holocron and heading for Moraga. It is at this point that Dume adopts the name Kanan Jarrus, to better conceal his identity. Jarrus then keeps his lightsaber locked away and gives up the ways of the Jedi in order to better disguise himself. During this time, Jarrus moves from planet to planet to avoid detection from the Empire, never staying in one place for too long. Along the way, he also finds and collects spare lightsaber parts. Eventually, he moves to Gorse and meets Okadiah Garson, who gets him a job as a freighter pilot. However, after fearing that he may have accidentally revealed his identity as a Jedi, he flees Gorse as well.


After leaving Gorse, Jarrus meets Hera Syndulla, and the two share several adventures together.

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Eventually, the two form a group to resist Imperial rule, which soon comes to consist of Captain Garazeb Orrelios (otherwise known as Zeb), the astromech droid C1-10P (nicknamed Chopper), and Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian. The group becomes known as the Spectres, and bases themselves on Syndulla’s ship, the Ghost. The Spectres launch numerous incursions against Imperial forces on and around the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. During one such operation, Jarrus meets Ezra Bridger, who he discovers can use the Force. Bridger joins the crew aboard the Ghost, and soon discovers and takes Jarrus’ lightsaber from his quarters. However, Jarrus spots him and demands that he give the lightsaber back.


The crew of the Ghost eventually embarks on a mission to rescue Wookies from the spice mines of Kessel. However, they soon become cornered by Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus. In order to give the others the opportunity to escape, Jarrus steps in front of the Imperial forces and ignites his lightsaber, revealing his identity as a Jedi. The rebels and the Wookies are able to escape Kessel, with Jarrus and Bridger escaping soon afterwards as well. However, Jarrus’ revelation would eventually draw the attention of the Grand Inquisitor. After the Wookies depart, Bridger takes Jarrus' lightsaber from his belt, keeping it until they return to Lothal. There, Jarrus gives Bridger two options - to keep the lightsaber and remain on Lothal, or to return to the Ghost and become Jarrus’ apprentice. Bridger decides to return Jarrus’ lightsaber to him and become his apprentice.

Stygeon Prime

Jarrus, Bridger, and the rest of the Spectres complete several missions after rescuing the Wookies on Kessel.

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Jarrus starts to train Bridger, however, due to his own incomplete training, has little confidence in his ability to be his apprentice’s teacher. Therefore, after hearing that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is being held by Imperial forces in the Stygeon system, Jarrus seeks her out to help train Bridger. The Spectres make their way to the Spire on Stygeon Prime in an attempt to rescue her. Although believing to have found Unduli, they soon realize the whole setup is actually a trap laid by the Grand Inquisitor, who confronts them soon after their discovery. Jarrus and the Grand Inquisitor begin dueling with their lightsabers, however Jarrus proves to be no match, as the Grand Inquisitor easily gains the upper hand. Jarrus, Bridger, and the rest of the Spectres eventually manage to escape from the Grand Inquisitor, fleeing Stygeon Prime. After this, Jarrus vows to continue Bridger’s training with renewed resolve.

Defeating the Grand Inquisitor

After several more missions, the Spectres eventually attempt to take control of the Imperial Communications Center on Lothal.

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However, the rebels soon become surrounded by Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus. The Grand Inquisitor also arrives, and he and Jarrus engage in yet another lightsaber duel. In order to buy time for his crew to escape, Jarrus stays behind and is taken by Imperial forces. After he is taken, his lightsaber is confiscated by the Grand Inquisitor. The Spectres soon discover that Jarrus is being transported to the Mustafar system aboard Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's ship, the Sovereign, and launch an attempt to rescue him. Ezra Bridger manages to free Jarrus, who then uses his apprentice’s lightsaber to duel the Grand Inquisitor. Bridger manages to use the Force to gain possession of Jarrus’ lightsaber from the Grand Inquisitor, but is knocked down by him, leading Jarrus to take it. Now wielding both lightsabers, Jarrus manages to defeat the Grand Inquisitor once and for all.

Siege of Lothal

After Jarrus’ rescue, the Empire besieges Lothal, with Darth Vader intending to use the siege to draw the Spectres out of hiding.

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However, the rebels are able to slip past the Imperial blockade and land on Lothal. On the planet, they launch a mission to rescue the Imperial Minister Maketh Tua, who intends to defect to the rebellion. However, their mission to rescue Tua fails, and the Spectres attempt to flee. After this too fails, the rebels then decide to infiltrate the Imperial Headquarters on Lothal. After a successful infiltration, they attempt to leave the compound, but are confronted by Darth Vader. The Sith then engages in a lightsaber duel with both Jarrus and Bridger, besting them both. However, after an intense skirmish, the rebels manage to escape the compound and flee offworld.

Other Encounters

Kanan Jarrus wields his lightsaber on many more occasions during his time with the Spectres. Some notable encounters include those with the Seventh Sister, the Fifth Brother, the Eighth Brother, and the former Sith Lord Maul. During his encounter with Maul, Jarrus loses his sight. However, even after this, Jarrus remains skillful with his lightsaber, relying on the Force and his other senses. As a result, he continues to wield his lightsaber during the many missions the Spectres embark on to disrupt Imperial activities thereafter. Conflicts aside, Jarrus also uses his lightsaber to train Sabine Wren, who comes in possession of the Darksaber.

Rescuing Hera Syndulla

Hera Syndulla leads a mission to the Imperial Armory Complex in Lothal's Capital City, aiming to disrupt its operations. However, her squadron is intercepted and she is taken by Imperial forces led by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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The Spectres then embark on a mission to the Imperial Complex to rescue her, managing to reach their destination undetected. Jarrus enters the room Syndulla is being held in by using his lightsaber to make a hole in the floor. After freeing her, the pair then make their escape, with Arihnda Pryce, the imperial Governor of Lothal, ordering her forces to pursue them. Jarrus and Syndulla manage to escape on a glider, however, due to Imperial resistance, they are forced to land at the Lothal City fuel depot. Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger then rendezvous with them at the fuel depot. However, the group soon becomes surrounded by Imperial AT-AT walkers, which fire on the depot’s central fuel pod, triggering an explosion. Jarrus uses the Force to hold back the explosion, giving his friends enough time to escape, but ultimately sacrificing himself and becoming one with the Force. Afterwards, Jarrus’ lightsaber is recovered by Governor Pryce, who presents it to Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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