Neopixel Blade

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Length: 82 cm
Diameter: 25.4 mm
Sale price$114.95 Regular price$154.95


Neopixel polycarbonate blades are powered by a 50-Watt LED strip inside the blade. This allows for maximum brightness, making the lightsaber extremely realistic. The blade is also sturdy and thick enough to use for dueling. If you need an extra blade for your saber, feel free to order one from us.

This blade is compatible with our neopixel sabers, including proffie. Make sure to select the proper dimensions to fit your saber. All blades are made out of tough polycarbonate. This offers a sturdy blade while maintaining superior brightness that is evenly balanced throughout the blade. Our neopixel blades include effects such as scrolling ignition, retraction effects, tip melt, drag, and much more. Learn more about neopixel technology here.

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Andre Despres

Impecable service as usual.

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