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Core: RGB Baselit
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Lotus is an elegant and sleek solution to those seeking to master the art of dueling. Lotus comes with a highly detailed hilt design, and this together with its duel-ready blade and many visual and sound effects, makes Lotus truly unique.

    RGB Baselit Features

    Neopixel SN 4.0 Features

    Product Videos

    Lotus Product Video (RGB Baselit):


    Neopixel Blade Effects:

    Neopixel Special Effects Ignition:

    Standard Lightsaber Features (RGB Baselit):

    Hilt Specifications

    Hilt Material: Aluminum alloy
    Hilt Length: 37 cm
    Blade Material: Polycarbonate
    Blade Length: 82 cm
    Total length: 119 cm
    Charging Type: USB fast charging
    Charging Time: 2-4 hours

    RGB Baselit Specifications

    Light Type: 12 Watt
    Light Colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
    Battery Type: 18650 5V, 1A Battery 2000mAh (rechargeable)

    Neopixel SN 4.0 Specifications

    Light Type: 50 Watt
    Light Colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
    Battery Type: 18650 5V, 1A Battery 3000mAh (rechargeable)

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    All products are securely packaged in a sturdy and reinforced rectangular box. Make sure to retrieve both the saber and accessories inside. Also make sure you charge your saber first before using.

    Package Inclusion

    1 hilt
    1 blade
    1 USB charging cord
    1 six-angle wrench
    Extra screws
    Instructions manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Wow 🤩

    This Lightsaber is bigger than I expected but I am amazed at how much work and detail have been put into it. This is a lot better than Saberforge for it's delivery time. I love this Lightsaber.


    Just took the saber out of the box and it is gorgeous! is exactly what i was looking for, like something different. Happy with it.

    Manny P.

    I'm very impressed at how well this saber is made! All the parts are metal. I bought this for the gorgeous look of the handle, and am not disappointed! The sound board is very responsive to your movements. You will not be disappointed with this saber or the company.


    Super realistic, it's weighty, but it's very cool. If you're passionate about Star Wars It's great for you


    Shipping has been much more fast than thought and the product is worth waiting! It is exactly the same as the description, the sounds are accurate to the movies and it has 12 colors. Recommend 100%

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