Instructions Manual

The following instructions are applicable to all saber styles.

*IMPORTANT: Most of our sabers do not come already charged. Simply use the USB charger provided to charge the saber’s battery before using. Our recommended charging time for a full charge is 4-8 hours. You will know when the saber is done charging when the light on the button is no longer glowing.

  1. Powering on and off (make sure the saber is charged first):
  •   To awaken from deep sleep mode, hold the button for 3 seconds.
  •   To turn it off, press and hold the button for 4 seconds.
  •   To put the saber in deep sleep mode, press and hold the button for 10 seconds.
  •   To turn the saber on, press the button for 1 second. 
  1. Changing blade color (saber must be turned on):
  •   Method 1: Press the button for 3 seconds and release your finger. Click the button to change color.
  •   Method 2: Press the button for 2 seconds and release your finger. Press the button again to change colors. Release your finger to select the colors you prefer. Press the button again to end the color changing loop.
  1. Lightsaber effects (saber must be turned on):
  •   Blaster sound: Tap the button.
  •   Lock-up loop: Press the button for 1 second and release your finger. Then press the button to activate lock up. Press it again to end the lock up loop.
  •   Flash-on-clash: The saber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits another surface.
  1. Sound effects (saber should be off):
  •   Changing sound fonts: Press the button for 2 seconds to change the sound font. Repeat to cycle through the sound fonts.
  •   Adjusting volume: Press the button for one 1 second to adjust the volume.
  1. Creating a double-bladed saber (one of the hilts must either be Adept, Guardian, or Duelist styles as they have a hilt connector end piece):
  •   Make sure you have two saber hilts.
  •   Unscrew the bottom of one of the hilts.
  •   Screw in the other hilt tightly.
  •   To undo, unscrew the other hilt and re-attach the bottom.
  •   See for a demonstration.
  1. Adding and removing the blade:

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