All our blades are made out of durable polycarbonate, meaning they are specifically designed for saber-on-saber clashing and dueling.

RGB baselit sabers utilize illumination which comes from inside of the hilt and extends into the blade. Neopixel sabers utilize a 50-watt LED strip inside of the blade itself, which allows for maximum illumination. They are considerably brighter than RGB baselit sabers. Learn more.

Exactly that; with the press of a button, you can change the color of your blade and keep it that color for as long as you want. This feature is available on all of our sabers. Colors include Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between.

Our collections are ranked: Apprentice, Knight, and Master. The higher the collection, the higher the quality. The main differences can be seen in the materials used and complexity of the hilt designs.

Simply by connecting two saber hilts. Note that a hilt connector piece is needed. Some already come with this piece, and it can also be purchased separately.

Yes, you can detach the blade from the hilt using the tools provided.

All the lightsaber features and effects can be controlled by the main button. Learn how to use them here.

A soundfont is mode that affects how the different saber effects sound.

Soundfonts modify sound effects by giving them a certain style. Sound effects are featured on all soundfonts and include ignition, motion sounds, blaster deflection, clash noises and more. They sound a little different depending on the soundfont selected.


Our shipping time is typically 7-20 days to all locations, as well as an additional 2-4 business days of processing time. Learn more.

We ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, and Canada.

We use all major carriers as well as local courier partners. We select the best carrier based on your location and the best available warehouse. You can use parcelsapp to track your shipment. It can be used to track most of the available carriers.

Shipping to all locations and on all orders is completely free.

The blade, hilt, additional tools and screws, USB charging chord, and instructions manual. Any additional product-specific items are listed under the "packaging" section of each product page.

All items are securely packaged in a sturdy and reinforced rectangular box.