Most orders* placed from February 4th, 2024 to February 18th, 2024 will not be shipped out until after February 18th. This is due to the annual Lunar New Year celebration that results in a two week vacation for our main suppliers during this time period. As a retailer, we rely on batches of lightsabers from our suppliers to provide to our customers. But during this time period, due to them being on vacation, we will not be receiving any batches and thus there will be a delay in fulfilling orders until after February 18th. After February 18th, processing times will revert to our normal 2-4 business days, and all orders placed during the previously mentioned two week period will begin to be processed and shipped in accordance with our normal processing and shipping times.

Once shipped, these orders should arrive within our standard shipping time of 7-20 days. Please expect an extended processing time for any orders placed from February 4th, 2024 to February 18th, 2024. Following this period, please do also allow us a brief period to “catch up” to fulfill all orders. This “catch up” period may last up to one business week. Furthermore, for any tracking numbers that are received during the previously mentioned two week period, please understand that these are likely tracking numbers where the label has only been generated, but the item has not actually been shipped yet. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*The only exception to this extended processing period is items available in our local US warehouse that are also being shipped to US addresses. These will be shipped normally. This applies to some of our more popular items. However, this is definitely the exception and not the norm, as most of our items do not fall under this category. Please expect extended processing times during this two week period regardless of your location or the item ordered. Thank you.