12 Blade Colors: 12 different blade colors changeable at the press of a button (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between).

10 Soundfonts: Sound board has 10 different soundfonts. Sound effects include: saber clashing and ignition, saber lock-up, blaster deflecting, character quotes, motion noises, and iconic music. 

Duel Ready: Tough, durable polycarbonate blade able to withstand dueling against other saber blades.

Smooth Swing: Realistic noises in response to motion. Our soundboards provide precise and controlled saber movement sounds. Gesture ignition also included.

4 Saber Lighting Effects: There are 4 different saber lighting effects to choose from: stable, pulse, ghost, and blaster.

Flash-on-clash: When two saber blades hit each other, a flash effect is produced.

Motion Control: The baselit core offers motion control ignition, lighting effects, and sound effects.

Volume Adjustment: Ability to adjust the volume level on your saber. A mute mode is included.

Lock-up Loop: This effect simulates two saber blades pressing against each other.

Rechargeable Battery: In-hilt recharge port without the need of ever replacing a battery (charger provided).