Privacy Policy

Here at DynamicSabers, we take online privacy seriously. As a result, all transactions are securely encrypted through either Stripe or PayPal, depending on your method of payment. This keeps your online data safe and secure. All other personal information shared with us is also subject to confidentiality, and will never be shared with third-parties. 

Warranty Policy

All sabers purchased through DynamicSabers are covered under our warranty. If any issues arise with your saber, we will view the situation and solve it to the best of our ability completely free of charge. Our warranty policy takes precedent over our refund policy, meaning we will try and resolve any issues first before proceeding with a potential refund. 

Refund Policy

Refunds are predominately dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are only given after our warranty policy has been exhausted and we cannot fix the issue at hand. All refund requests must be made within 48 hours of the product's confirmed delivery. Refund requests can be opened by emailing us at Make sure to include all relevant information, as well as the tracking number for your product.

Acceptable refund request reasons include:

  • Item arrived broken or defective, and we are unable to fix it under our warranty policy (you will be asked to submit video/photographic evidence. You will also be asked to return the product to a specified address. You will be responsible for the shipping cost. This reason is only acceptable if we have exhausted all means under our warranty and cannot fix it). 
  • Item did not arrive (this reason can only be accepted if we shipped to a location different from the provided address, and the tracking information does not show delivery and it has been over 6 weeks since the product was shipped. We highly recommend contacting the carrier before emailing us, as we have no control over the shipping service or procedure. If we rule that it is the fault of the carrier and not of ourselves, you will only be eligible for a partial refund).

Unacceptable refund request reasons include:

  • I no longer want this particular hilt design/or color.
  • I don't like the product.
  • Any other requests started after 48 hours since confirmed delivery.

Unauthorized Chargebacks

Unauthorized chargebacks are often an attempt at product theft, and we view all chargebacks as such without exception, especially if the item has not been returned. All customers must submit a refund request directly to us for review, and go through our refund process. If we rule against a request for any reason, do not take independent action. If a customer issues a chargeback either through their credit card or PayPal account instead of going through our official refund process, we will dispute the chargeback immediately and submit evidence of the product's delivery. The customer will also be restricted from purchasing any more of our products, and legal action will be taken in the pursuit of mail fraud charges. Your local post office will be contacted for further proof of delivery, as well as your local police department. Here at DynamicSabers, we take the issue of product theft very seriously. We view all chargebacks as an attempt to keep both the product and the money, as it circumvents our return process. We consider this theft without exception to any circumstances. We ask all our customers to please go through our official refund process instead of taking any independent action, to avoid potential confusion.