Our Maul double-bladed saber has special charging instructions. The charging port is concealed inside of the hilt, and the saber needs to be disassembled to reach it. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Disconnect the two hilts from each other and unscrew the middle connector.

2. Remove the buttons on the hilts of the saber.

3. Unscrew the bottom caps of the two hilts. You can use your fingers or tweezers. You can also insert the allen key and use it to twist the bottom caps loose.

4. Pull out the internals of both hilts all the way. If you have a micro-USB charging cable small enough, you can leave the batteries in the internals and use that to charge them. If not, refer to the steps below.

5. Remove the batteries from the internals.

6. Place the batteries in the battery chargers provided. Plug the battery chargers into an outlet and let it charge until ready. When the indicator is green, the batteries are fully charged.

7. After the batteries are done charging, put them back into the internals (make sure they are in tightly) and then put the internals back into the hilts. The electronic connectors of the internals should be placed on the matching sized electronic connectors within the hilt. Make sure it fits and you are able to push it in entirely. You may have to adjust the internals or twist them slightly. You should feel the electronic connectors fall into place in the grooves and match each other completely. This step is very important.

8. Add the buttons back onto the hilts. Make sure the main button is properly aligned with the electronic button behind it.

9. Screw the bottom caps back on and connect the two hilts back together using the middle connector piece.

This concludes the charging process for our Maul saber.