What do the different lightsaber colors mean?

A lightsaber is an incredible invention that’s both combat-ready, and aesthetically pleasing. In the lore of the Star Wars universe, the meaning of each lightsaber color is pretty important.

Different colors appeal to different people, so we’ve done the research to bring all those color meanings to you here!

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How are lightsabers made?

Lightsabers are not made by simple means at all. To create a lightsaber, one needs a kyber crystal. Kyber crystals are found on the planet Ilum, and can only be mined by force-sensitive younglings. Once a crystal is collected, a Jedi or Sith must use the Force to connect with the crystal to shape it into a functional lightsaber. The crystal is then placed within the lightsaber’s hilt, where it serves as the power source and its focus.

Lightsaber colors vary depending on several things, such as the type of crystal used, the material of the hilt, and the individual who uses it. Generally speaking, red lightsabers are typically used by Sith, while blue lightsabers are often used by Jedi. However, some Jedi and Sith have used other colors, such as yellow and purple.

Lightsaber color meanings

Let’s break down the different lightsaber colors:

1 - Blue Lightsaber

By far the most popular lightsaber color, blue lightsabers are often wielded by Jedi, as seen in many primary characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker. This color signifies justice, truth, and serenity.

2 - Green Lightsaber

Another very popular lightsaber color, green, is used by many Jedi including Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Luke Skywalker. It represents represents growth, harmony, and nature

3 - Red Lightsaber

The most popular lightsaber color for sith users, this color has been widely seen in the films. It symbolizes anger, strength, and determination.

4 - Purple Lightsaber

Popularized by the lightsaber wielded by Mace Windu, purple lightsabers have become a fan favorite. It signifies nobility, royalty, and wisdom.

5 - Yellow Lightsaber

Seen as Rey’s final lightsaber in the end of the sequel trilogy, yellow lightsabers represent a change in personality or identity. It also signifies the power of the sun, hope, and goodness.

6 - Orange Lightsaber

While Cal uses this in the video games, the color also appears in Star Wars Legends with members of the Mandalorian Knights, the Jedi master Yaddle, and the Sith lord Tulak Hord all using orange lightsabers. It denotes ambition, creativity, and resourcefulness.

7 - Silver/White Lightsaber

This is one of the rare colors because it is technically achromatic. This means it does not have a color. This represents those characters that have a more neutral path with positivity, purity and new beginnings. The two well-known wielders are Ahsoka Tano and Orla Jareni. It connotes purity, peace, and serenity.

8 - Black Lightsaber/Darksaber

This symbolizes darkness and mysterious power and is extremely rare. More recently, the Darksaber has been seen wielded in the Mandalorian series with its black blade. There are a few more, only existing in books and video games.

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